We’re busy filming videos and creating great content to help you be the best 2nd hand Vegan.  We will go live on 2/1/2020.

Check these out while you wait!

Check it out!

Check out where it will all happen!

Click through to see the Facebook Page of the Four Seasons Backyard Williamsburg!  (Hint – it got it’s name from a guest who notices that we grill and smoke meat 12 months of the year!)

This backyard is where we’ll be filming many of our upcoming videos, and where some of the best smoked vegan meat is served!  (We only make smoke meat from animals that are vegans!)

Malcolm Reed’s Memphis in May Experience

Memphis in May is largest Pork cooking contest on the planet – the “Super Bowl of Swine”.

This year Malcolm’s team, The Killer Hogs, entered the Rib category at MIM and we shot a video of our rib recipe while we were there.


BBQ Pit Boys Smoke a Whole Gator!

Those crazy guys cook up a 5 foot alligator, stuffed with Crawfish and Andouille Cornbread.  OK, so Gators are decidedly not vegan….but come on how can you not watch this?!?!?!

Meat Church BBQ School

In June, Al attended Matt Pittman’s BBQ School in Waxahatchie, TX – here’s the video Matt made.  Can you spot Al in the video?